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Sakhavat Mammadov

Teaching is a profound way to share knowledge and empower others.

Sakhavat Mammadov

Associate Professor

My program of research contributes to the understanding of psychological heterogeneity among gifted individuals in K-12 and postsecondary educational settings.

My primary research interests are to examine and explore issues dealing with the social and emotional needs and well-being of children with gifts and talents, creativity, and personality traits and types among high-ability individuals. Another line of my scholarly work focuses on the role of teachers and learning contexts on motivation of gifted students. 

Teaching, for me, is a profound way to share knowledge and empower others. My passion for teaching comes from helping students in their intellectual growth and witnessing them discovering their potential. It’s a privilege to be part of their educational journey. I believe that preparing future educators and researchers is important work, and I am eager to help them develop their research and pedagogical skills to better serve all students. 

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