My passion is to discover and develop the unique abilities of all students. I want to equip future educators with tools to create dynamic learning environments. My goal is to place emphasis toward students' strengths and a renewed focus on excellence over competence.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in advancement of gifted education. I know there are many students that will not qualify for a gifted program due to many factors. A misapplied classification will exclude thousands of children from learning resources that will positively impact their lives. Successful components of gifted learning programs should be expanded to reach all children. Educators of a global workforce must combine scholastic rigor with the need to make learning a joyful experience.

In 2017 I began a two-year term as the Board President of the National Association for Gifted and Children, NAGC. I was honored and humbled by my selection. My pledge is to use the opportunities I have from that chair to continue to increase availability of high-quality resources to help parents and teachers better understand and guide all gifted and talented children.

In Gainesville, Georgia I served as Director of Innovative and Advanced Programs for The Hall County School district. Creating a classroom atmosphere where teachers want to be cannot be overstated; similarly, this is the perfect setting where children can thrive. Additionally, working for the Department of Education in Georgia was a valuable and rewarding experience. By surveying the broad educational structure of Georgia, the need to identify underrepresented students’ barriers to gifted programs became apparent. Effective inclusion strategies will require diversity of thought.

Gifted students have emotional and social needs not addressed in many school programs. I believe carefully implemented gifted education practices are a blueprint for general school reform. My mission is to pool our collective experience and reinvent education in Georgia and the world.

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