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My unique perspective on Gifted and Creative Education comes from my research on equity for underrepresented students in advanced or gifted programs, creativity policy, mentoring and developing gifted black males and parental engagement.

Tarek Grantham


I have a passion for developing the untapped potential of underrepresented minority students, helping them overcome barriers- both real and perceived- and reach their academic goals. My work has focused on researching this aspect of gifted and advanced educations, and developing solutions to help underrepresented students in this multicultural 21st century when they have more opportunities than ever to succeed.

My scholarship, teachings and research focus on equity for underrepresented students in advanced programs, including recruitment and retention, creativity policy, mentoring, motivation and parent engagement. Minority students still face social, financial and cultural barriers to success. I am highly motivated to develop solutions to these issues through my work in education.

My research and perspective has been presented in eight academic journal articles, educational documentaries about multicultural gifted education, four chapters in academic books, as well as editing two books in minority education: “Young, Triumphant and Black: Overcoming Segregated Mind in Desegregated Schools” and Gifted and “Advanced Black Students in School: An Anthology of Critical Works”.

Along with my teaching, research and writing, I’ve pursued my passion for minority student development through leadership roles in the National Association for Gifted Children (Special Populations Network, Javits/Fraiser Teacher Scholar Program), the Council for Exceptional Children (Association for the Gifted) and the AERA (Res. on Giftedness, Creativity and Talent SIG). I have also served as the program coordinator for the University of Georgia College of Education’s on-campus and online graduate degree programs.

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