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There’s a lot of rhetoric these days about how computers can take the place of teachers. Now don’t get me wrong, those strategies and technologies might be successful someday. But if they are or ever will be, it will only be because it helps strengthen the way that students and teachers interact.

Theodore J. Kopcha


My projects reflect my research interests, which focus broadly on technology integration in K-12 and higher education. My work includes technology-enhanced cognitive apprenticeships as well as problem- and project-based STEM learning.

I teach Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia where I focus on technology integration in K12 and higher education. Some of my projects include Robotics Education, and Design Based Research (DBR). DBR focuses on examining how learning theory informs the development of an instructional intervention over time, and on accumulating evidence that the intervention leads to improved learning and/or teaching. Examining the impact of a well-designed instructional intervention over several iterations can lead to the formation of research-based learning principles and practices that also have relevance in an applied context.

Other Projects include the Public Service and Outreach Fellowship, a Design-Based Research Conference in 2013, and eSupervision. For more information on my research and personal interests, please visit my professional website.

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