I have worked with students in a higher-education setting for over a decade at both the undergraduate and law school level. I enjoy the vitality and spark that students exude when they are learning. I truly appreciate being a part of that process and helping, even in a little way, to shape a student’s future.

I have been licensed to practice law for nearly twenty years, and I use my real life experiences as a lawyer-both the good ones and the bad ones-to bring to life the information contained in a textbook. I want students to master the material in my courses so that they can effectively use it in the workplace. Therefore, I try to make the material memorable. Some may question how exciting an on-line course can be, but I work hard to bring energy and relevance to my courses. If students do their part, they will come away with knowledge that will definitely make them more valuable in the workplace.

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Tricia Hackleman
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