I am passionate about consciously developing leaders within organizations so that they may discover their true potential, helping them lead at their highest level and, as a result, motivating their team members to perform at their highest level.

Having a high rate of employee turnover is an undesirable situation for any organization, especially in today's economic climate. It is increasingly important to retain talented and knowledgeable employees, and I believe strategic human resource planning plays a vital role in that process. I am always amazed by the transformations that occur when an organization has a clear vision as to how it will function.

The strategic planning aspect of human resources management is crucial, but I also have significant experience with the equally important process of implementation. I help create training processes that are practical and allow employees to easily take the information that they have learned and apply it in real work situations. I also work with leaders to help talent within their organization grow by taking stronger ownership of their role and recognizing how to use their unique strengths within the company.

I have served on the board of directors for the Academy of Human Resource Development several times, and I have been able to gain valuable experience and knowledge each time. Working within AHRD for the time that I have has made me increasingly excited about the future of the human resources development profession, and the significant contributions individuals who choose this career path can give to organizations. I am also incredibly excited to be serving as the president of AHRD for the 2015-2016 calendar year.

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Wendy Ruona
College of Education
River's Crossing
Athens, GA
Ph.D., University of Minnesota