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College of Engineering Announces New Online M.S. in Civil Engineering

College of Engineering Announces New Online M.S. in Civil Engineering

The University of Georgia College of Engineering, in partnership with the UGA Office of Online Learning, now offers an online Master of Science (M.S.) degree in civil and environmental engineering with an emphasis in civil engineering. The project-focused degree, referred to as the Online M.S. in Civil engineering, can be completed in two years, with the inaugural cohort now accepting applications until July 1, 2024.

The fully online program spans several distinctive areas within civil engineering, including structural and geotechnical engineering, project and construction management, and more. Taught by the same faculty as UGA’s campus-based program, the M.S. in Civil Engineering provides specialized expertise in civil engineering by offering a rigorous curriculum, including studio courses that involve real-world case studies from seasoned civil engineers. An asynchronous class structure, and 8-week block format, allows coursework to fit in and around busy working schedules.

“The online M.S. degree in civil engineering mirrors the rigorous curriculum of our esteemed campus-based program, is taught by the same distinguished faculty, and can be completed in as little as two years, without affecting full-time work schedules. I hope that my classes will allow students to gain real-world project experiences while also mastering a commitment strategy.”

Mi G. Chorzepa, faculty director, Online M.S. in Civil Engineering

Courses include:

  • Construction Management & Technologies
  • GIS in Civil Engineering Applications
  • A.I. and Informatics in Civil Engineering
  • Forensics of Civil Engineering Materials
  • Computational Modeling Studio
  • Structural Engineering Studio

The program’s industry collaborators represent a variety of sectors, including bridge engineering, fabrication, contractoring, state DOT, non-destructive testing, structural and geotechnical modeling, and the comprehensive integration of infrastructure systems. The diverse range of expertise equips students with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills in engineering services.

“I can confidently say that deciding to stay at UGA and study for my Master’s degree in Engineering was one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences I have had so far,” said Victor Lopez, senior staff engineer at PARADIGM Structural Engineers. “I had the pleasure of working under the guidance of Dr. Chorzepa. Apart from her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Chorzepa’s defining quality in my opinion is that she truly cares about her students and their success. I would not be where I am today if not for UGA’s Master’s program and Dr. Chorzepa.”

For more information about the online M.S. in civil engineering, including application requirements, course offerings, and more, visit the M.S. in Civil Engineering online program page.

Original press release written by Lillian Ballance

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