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Is Getting My Master In Music Education A Good Career Move?

Is Getting My Master In Music Education A Good Career Move?

Maybe you’ve thought about earning your Master in Music Education, but you also wonder if going back to school for a master’s degree is worth the time, money, and effort. Here are a few ways that a Master of Music Education offers in-service teachers so much more than a pay raise.

Educator in-field experience is arguably the best way to obtain teaching skills after receiving your undergrad degree, but further development and coursework in a graduate program can generate greater depth and relevance in the field. Graduate programs offer specialized and focused content for those who would like to enhance their skills, expand teaching practices, and excel as music educators.

Ongoing professional development in a graduate program means learning innovative new research, administrative skills, and curriculum resources. Additionally, graduate programs include opportunities to collaborate with other music educators, network with others in your field, and reflect on different teaching practices used by your peers. Gathering this additional knowledge can prepare you to participate in national discussions on the importance of music education. Music education needs teachers who can utilize the latest methods, and continued graduate work can provide you with the research skills necessary to contribute to the exploration of newer, more effective practices.

You don’t have to come to campus to earn your master’s. The University of Georgia offers an online Master of Music Education degree designed to enhance both practitioner and research skills, and prepare certified teachers to assume professional leadership roles. Informed by the latest methods and techniques, candidates participate in interactive discussions and seminars to create and share innovative teaching strategies. With a choice of emphasis on general, choral, or instrumental music, the degree can help you explore new possibilities and form even greater connections with students through music.

Entering a master’s program is an excellent way to discover further interests and insights in a music education career path.