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Nanoparticles & Nuptials: Married Biomedical Science Professors Break Ground

Nanoparticles & Nuptials: Married Biomedical Science Professors Break Ground

(Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker)

Puliyur and Sheba MohanKumar represent more than just a story of international love – they’re also two of the most successful faculty at UGA’s College of Veterinary Medicine and beloved professors in the online Master of Science (M.S.) in Comparative Biomedical Sciences program.

The duo met – and fell in love – at Madras Veterinary College in India, but their journey did not stop there. Soon, they went on to study and teach at Kansas State University, earned their doctorates, and began work on their subject of focus to this day: neuro-immuno endocrinology in the context of reproduction and stress.

Together, with the help of UGA’s Innovation Gateway, they launched the startup SG Endocrine Research, LLC, which focuses on developing innovative technologies for addressing disorders related to brain, endocrine, metabolic and cardiovascular functions.

In their research, they have targeted everything from early diagnosis of animal Alzheimer’s to alternative methods of spaying and neutering (the aptly-named Gonads Be Gone), all facilitated through moving nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier. 

But the strength of their scientific partnership doesn’t stop in the lab. While Sheba works behind the scenes to oversee experiments and collaborate with graduate students, Puliyur engages with the public and private sectors to seek out funding opportunities.

Of course, online collaboration remains a large part of the MohanKumars’ work. Sheba notes that developing an online course in anatomy for pre-veterinary students remains one of her career highlights at UGA. Puliyur, meanwhile, was recently selected for the Creative Teaching Award, which recognizes UGA faculty for excellence in developing creative teaching that extends beyond the classroom.

To learn more about the MohanKumars and their accomplishments, keeping reading in UGA Research’s recent article.

Online Master’s in Comparative Biomedical Sciences

The MohanKumars play an essential role in the Online Master’s in Comparative Biomedical Sciences program, which they developed and established..This online biomedical sciences master’s program covers the basic scientific principles related to medical, veterinary, and biomedical sciences, including anatomy, histology, physiology, pharmacology, immunology, neuroscience, and clinical concepts.  As a pre-professional preparatory program, it provides the knowledge and support that you need to advance your career or apply to professional school.

Application Deadlines

Visit the Online Master’s in Comparative Biomedical Sciences program page to apply.Domestic applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, but applications for the 2024 cohort are due by July 1, 2024.

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