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UGA pharmacy student develops a passion for regulatory sciences

UGA pharmacy student develops a passion for regulatory sciences

Until she began taking regulatory science courses online, Tiffany Somereville was unaware of the significant impact regulatory affairs had on public health. A UGA Doctor of Pharmacy student, Somereville has already earned her Graduate Certificate in International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences and is now also pursuing an M.S. in Pharmacy, International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences.

“I chose UGA because of its phenomenal pharmacy program. We are ranked amongst the top 25 schools in the nation,” said Somereville. 

Somerville’s understanding and respect for regulatory affairs has grown tremendously, making her online courses particularly interesting. The courses Somereville is taking have opened her eyes to new ways that she can help ensure public health and safety. 

The program is giving Somereville new insight into how medications and medical devices are properly conceptualized, vigorously tested, monitored for any adverse events, and taken off the market if necessary for public health. She now recognizes the important work done behind the scenes to protect people and provide them with a better life through regulatory science. 

“I am loving how this program has really opened my mind to the breadth of work that regulatory affairs professionals do and how their diligence truly protects the American public health every day,” said Somereville.

Somereville’s goal is to follow her passion for serving the public good through pharmaceutical regulatory sciences. She wants to make a positive impact on public health by working for a regulatory affairs department in a pharmaceutical firm. 

“The wonderful thing is that with this degree [M.S. in Pharmacy, International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences] and my pharmacy degree [Doctor of Pharmacy], my options are endless!”