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UGA Signs Poultry Vaccine Development Licensing Deal

UGA Signs Poultry Vaccine Development Licensing Deal

The University of Georgia’s distinguished poultry research program continues to develop technologies that positively impact the poultry industry which is one of Georgia’s most important economic industries. UGA has been ranked in the top ten of all United States Universities for licensing deals for the past decade, and greater than 700 UGA products and technologies have been introduced to the marketplace.

ECO Animal Health Ltd (ECO), a wholly owned subsidiary of ECO Animal Health Group plc, has recently announced that it has entered a second worldwide exclusive licensing deal with the Poultry Diagnostic & Research Center, College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia (UGA).

UGA’s first licensing deal with ECO lead to the development of potential vaccines in the field of Mycoplasma gallisepticum, allowing ECO to further develop, register and commercialize a live vaccine for poultry developed by UGA. University researchers have concluded preliminary proof of concept efficacy and safety studies with this vaccine.

UGA Professor Naola Ferguson-Noel, a researcher in the Poultry Diagnostic & Research Center said, “We look forward to working with ECO Animal Health to help further develop this Mycoplasma synoviae vaccine into an approved product.”

Naola Fergusons-Noel’s area of interest is in avian mycoplasmosis, bacterial infections that come from three different strains. She has worked with countless breeders and farmers to help them further understand the best ways to keep their poultry healthy.

Our researchers at the University of Georgia are committed to being the nation’s leaders in poultry research and innovation. Learn more about our Master’s of Avian Health and Medicine.