The Office of Online Learning is a central university resource for colleges offering courses and programs online. In support of UGA faculty and staff, our office provides the following services.

Training and Development

Online Learning Fellows Program

The Online Learning Fellows (OLF) Program trains faculty to develop immersive, interactive and approved online courses. 

Instructional designers from the Office of Online Learning will work with a small group of faculty to generate specific deliverables over the course of a semester. Deliverables may include course sustainability, course consistency, course scalability, countiuous quality improvement and a rewarding experience for the students. Faculty participants have access to the Office of Online Learning’s expert instructional designers, multimedia team and university-approved online development tools, ensuring your course will fulfill compliance, accessibility and e-suffix standards.

Online Learning Faculty Workshops

Four different workshops are offered multiple times throughout the year for faculty members who want to create new online courses. In order to accommodate the busy schedules of our faculty while supporting their interest in developing new online courses, the workshops have been designed so they do not have to be taken in any specific order.  Workshop topics include ​”Designing & Teaching Your Online Course,” “Building Your Online Course,” “Introduction to Quality Matters” and “Engaging Students in Online Courses.”

Quality Matters Training & Certification

The Office of Online Learning strongly encourages academic homes to leverage the nationally recognized Quality Matters Rubric as the standard for the review of the design of their online courses. To help incentivize academic homes in help academic homes adopt the QM standard, the Office of Online Learning has established a sequence of initiatives that will:

  1. Train faculty to use the QM rubric in the design of their course and the review of others courses.

  2. Become certified to conduct QM reviews of courses.

  3. Provide an incentive to conduct course reviews once certified to be a reviewer.


Multimedia can be broadly defined as audio, video, and still imagery; but it’s much more than that. Strategically including multimedia in your courses is one of the best ways to increase student achievement and maintain interest. As a service to UGA faculty teaching online, the Office of Online Learning makes available a highly experienced and talented group of multimedia professionals.  

Among the services available are:

  • Consulting with you to select the most appropriate media solutions
  • Assistance in locating existing media
  • Creating new media content for your online courses

Instructional Design

Academic units are expected to utilize the expertise of an instructional designer (I.D.) in the process of designing, developing and maintaining courses associated with University of Georgia online programs and courses. To help academic homes meet this expectation, the Office of Online Learning offers two levels of instructional design services.

Level 1: Instructional design consultation services. Request I.D. Consultation

Level 2: A dedicated instructional designer embedded in the college (shared I.D. model). Request a Shared I.D.

In order for an instructional designer to be utilized appropriately, the academic home offering the program should expect faculty to work with an assigned instructional designer. The following tasks and skills are imperative for the development of quality online programs and courses and are expected to be fulfilled by the academic program or through an I.D. jointly funded with the Office of Online Learning.

  • Online Program Management
  • Instructional Media
  • Instructional Design
  • Ongoing Setup and Revision Support
  • Compliance
  • Sustainability
  • LMS Administration and Training
  • Quality Assurance

Embedded Instructional Designer

The Office of Online Learning (OOL) ensures that our instructional designers are experts in quality, accessibility and sustainable practice. Academic homes interested in hiring an instructional designer, whether full-time or part, have the option of working with our office on a jointly-funded position. Through this option, academic homes will have a dedicated instructional designer embedded in the college without having to fully fund the position. 

This option is excellent for colleges that do not currently have an instructional designer to provide faculty with expertise in online learning. The instructional designer will guide your faculty step-by-step through the process, leading to a community of dedicated teachers committed to excellence and rigor at UGA.

The position will report administratively to the OOL and have an office space in the academic home to facilitate a close working relationship with faculty. Our office will work with the academic home to provide professional development activities for the person in this position, to assess performance and continuous improvement and to conduct the annual review. If and when applicable, annual salary increases will be discussed in advance to assure funds are available and that equity is maintained for the position.

Unless otherwise discussed, the assignment for the Instructional designer will be as follows:

  1. Develop and support the [Online Program Name/s] program
  2. Establish college-specific Online Learning Cohorts
  3. Maintain the portfolio of online courses developed for the academic home in collaboration with the OOL
  4. Conduct trainings and seminars as identified by the designer, faculty and college

Instructional Designer Consultant

The Office of Online Learning offers one-on-one consultation to faculty and programs who wish to develop courses or programs that are not associated with one of our other services (i.e. Online Fellows Program or Shared I.D. Models). Consultation time generally can be used to talk about designing a course for online delivery, identifying potential solutions to specific challenges you are facing with an online course or anything else regarding online learning that you would like help with. If you would like to schedule a time to speak with a designer about online learning, please submit a request on our Request for Services form.


Consultations for individual courses can address many aspects of course design/development, such as:

  • Working through common design challenges, such as structuring content.

  • Developing assessment strategies for a particular learning outcome.

  • Setting up master course spaces in eLC.

  • Setting up course channels in Kaltura.

  • Designing or developing learning experiences that align with specific criteria.

  • Executing elements of an existing design using the functionality of eLC.

  • Identifying gaps in available technology for executing elements of a specific learning design.

  • Providing QM-aligned feedback for specific aspects of a course.

  • Any other aspects of designing and developing learning experiences for online delivery.


For programs, we can address the same items we do for courses, and we  also can help with program specific challenges, such as:

  • Identifying elements of commonality among courses in a program for the purpose of maintaining a consistent student experience.

  • Establishing a common course shell for use across a distance program.

  • Identifying a reasonable timeline for course design and development.





Market Research

We employ a non-biased, third-party market research company to provide information on the current market viability of an online program at no cost to the academic home. Studies provide valuable insights that can be used to reduce the risk to a college of investing in any given online program. The college and faculty requesting the market research work collaboratively with the Office of Online Learning Marketing Manager to inform the research to be conducted by the third-party service.

Advertising Management and Brand Awareness

A central brand for all online learning initiatives that is closely aligned with the University of Georgia brand is required to compete with central online brands promoted by our major competitors. This practice maximizes the potential for awareness of all quality online programs at UGA both collectively and individually. The brand is promoted in collaboration with the colleges via advertising and communications.

Brand Assets and Guidance

We provide a UGA logo, brand guidelines, marketing taglines and brand design assets such as photos, email templates and sample ads specifically for marketing online offerings. Website

The website is focused on recruiting prospective online students to online courses and programs. Our office continuously strives to optimize the site for search engines so it is easy for prospective students to find.


Our office works through the Office of the Vice President for Instruction PR Coordinator for distribution in media outlets and e-newsletters. We also maintain central social media for UGA Online Learning such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our blog.  


Advertising services include ad planning, design and management of digital display advertisements and paid serch (PPC) to promote the UGA Online Learning brand and online programs.

We purchase general UGA Online Learning brand advertising and manage keyword advertising and digital display ads for online programs. Advertising is also done through paid promotion of social media posts and ads on social media platforms.

Marketing Planning and Reporting

Marketing Consulting

Our marketing team collaborates with colleges to develop a plan for marketing online programs. The plan might include creation of a marketing timeline and budget outline based on approved advertising, PR, conferences, email marketing, webinar info sessions and other components of the marketing plan.

Web Traffic and User Behavior Tracking

We monitor and track the number of visitors to the website and their behaviors through Google Analytics. Our office also utilizes UGA reporting tools to track inquiries, applications and enrollments. 

Marketing ROI

We analyze marketing return on investment (ROI), collecting data on web visits, requests for information, applications and enrollments in relation to marketing dollars spent.

Program Inquiries

Program inquiries are routed from site or phone to the academic home for inquiry response. In addition, graduate inquiries are imported into the graduate school CRM system to ensure consistent communication flow between Online Learning, Graduate School, Programs and prospective students.

E-mail us or call (844) 842-3294 to request marketing services for your college or online offering.

Student Support Services

When it comes to student support services, the University of Georgia is rich in resources. The Office of Online Learning's goal is to be the voice and advocate for online students' needs within each of UGA's existing student support service units. 

State Authorization

The regulations surrounding state authorization are extremely complex, which is why Online Learning has staff dedicated to understanding and providing information to faculty, staff and prospective students. Each state in the U.S. has requirements for offering distance education to its residents. Under state authorization law, the University of Georgia is compliant in the states listed in the state authorization section of this website.

E-mail us or call 1(844) 848-3294 with any questions you have regarding state authorization.

To learn more about state authorization for distance education, you can visit the Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) website.