I don’t think that food safety knowledge is just something for the scientists and specialists. Food safety is something everyone needs to understand, from the home cook to plant operators to farm supervisors.

In my own work, I’ve partnered with several organizations to not only continue my research but to put that work into action. I’ve worked with Georgia’s cooperative extension to help people make home food preservation safer. On another side of the food production world, I’ve been active in the Center for Produce Safety, making fresh-cut vegetables safer by working with plant owners, workers and field managers to understand the most up to date technology available to keep our food supply safe.

In another research project, I investigated the ways that pathogens can be transmitted through ice, a little known way that our food supply can become contaminated. I also used my knowledge of food chemistry and reactions to work with an interdisciplinary team to create an electrostatic decontaminating spray to assist in terrorist situations where chemical or biological weapons have been released.

My students get the benefit of my varied projects because I know that food scientists can be of help in a multitude of ways. I’m not afraid to push my students knowing that their knowledge can make a difference in the world.

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Mark Harrison
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Lab #344
Athens, GA
Ph.D., University of Tennessee