My area of primary interest is in poultry production veterinary medicine and the economics of poultry health management in the commercial poultry industry. I have also worked in poultry veterinary technical service internationally and in the U.S.

So what are our responsibilities as poultry practitioners? I think number one is to alleviate suffering from disease. This is our most basic responsibility to the animals we serve. Protecting the public health is just as important, but we are also responsible for producing healthy animals for our employers.

Before coming to UGA I was the Senior Coordinator of the USDA’s National Poultry Improvement Plan in Conyers, Georgia, a cooperative Industry-State-Federal Program devoted to elimination and control of specific diseases of poultry breeders as well as administration of the Notifiable Avian Influenza program.
During my 30 years in poultry medicine, I’ve worked in technical services with both vaccine and pharmaceutical allied companies. I’ve also spent over nine years as a production veterinarian with two different broiler integrators where I was in charge of all aspects of poultry health programs for the companies. These experiences have given me more of a hands-on, practical knowledge of poultry production veterinary medicine.
As an educator in clinical avian medicine at UGA, I am allowed to call on this experience when working with aspiring poultry veterinarians in the many poultry complexes in Georgia. Guiding students through the program is an encouraging experience for me, and it is an honor to be able to do so at the University of Georgia.

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Stephen Roney
953 College Station Rd
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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University Master’s of Avian Medicine, University of Georgia